Welcome To Falken Security


This site is dedicated to bringing manufacturing jobs and employment to the people of Slovakia by establishing a cooperative agreement with the American company Falken Industries.


As the Slovak Republic has grown into a European Union State and trusted NATO partner in defense, the requirement of Slovakia to rebuild its army into a modern and capable partner of NATO is currently underway For over 20 years the people of Slovakia have purchased military equipment from neighboring countries and non- NATO partners.



The engineering and manufacturing base in Slovakia has been reduced as many former Defense related positions were eliminated or people retired. Slovaks traveled to neighboring countries for superior paying jobs and have such made the Defense Industrial base to be a shell of what it once was during the Soviet Union. Current manufacturing jobs with companies such as Land Rover, U.S. Steel, Honeywell and KIA have all shown that the people of Slovakia are ready and willing to take on the tasks of manufacturing and provide a quality product for the world to recognize.



Falken Industries is registered under the United States Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) as a Manufacturer, Exporter license number M34387 and Broker license number K5568.